Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance

Kings Avionics provides unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) maintenance services as part of the Robotic Skies network. Kings Avionics is the founding partner of Robotic Skies, and in that role has performed groundbreaking maintenance and design engineering projects on commercial platforms.

Robotic Skies expanded from Kings Avionics’ solid aviation business foundation into a burgeoning new market with tremendous growth potential. Drone manufacturers are eager for commercial operations to begin, and we believe that a talented network of aviation authority-approved repair stations will accelerate this effort.

The Robotic Skies network now includes over 80 service centers across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and South Africa that are optimized to provide certication, maintenance and repair for the emerging commercial drone aircraft fleet.

Drawing on only the best FAA and aviation authority approved maintenance organizations that currently maintain manned aircraft, Robotic Skies offers a comprehensive turnkey field service program designed to keep UAS flying safely — and affordably.

Learn more about Robotic Skies at www.roboticskies.com.

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