Non-Federal Air Traffic Control Tower Installation and Maintenance

Kings Avionics is one of the few facilities that has earned the FAA certification necessary to perform maintenance and annual certifications of that equipment at the nation’s 252 Non-Federal Air Traffic Control Towers. The FAA created its Contract Tower Program in 1982.

When a municipality owns and operates both the airport and its control tower, it contracts the aircraft control services to one of three FAA-approved companies. If it does not use or lease the tower’s operational equipment to the FAA, it must maintain it and pass annual FAA audits.

Our technicians are available for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and for short-notice repairs and calibrations in the Western United States. They are qualified to inspect, maintain, repair, and calibrate essential Non-Federal ATC tower systems including:

  • Ground-to-Air Communications
  • Automatic Backup Systems
  • Voice Recording Systems
  • Barometric Pressure Reporting Systems
  • Wind Speed & Direction Systems
  • Temperature & Dew Point Systems
  • Emergency Lighting Systems