Creating Mission-Specific Avionics Systems

In the digital era, Kings Avionics believes the “installation” of avionics is a misnomer. Instead of a stack of single-purpose boxes, multifunction components unite to create an integrated system that meets specific needs.

In avionics today, one size does not fit all. Piston aircraft, business jets, and helicopters each have unique needs and requirements. Drawing on their thorough knowledge and experience, Kings’ system technicians will help you design a system that meets the needs of each of them.

The process starts with an examination of your aviation mission and its specific requirements, current and coming avionic requirements, and a thorough analysis of your aircraft’s current equipment to determine its contribution to the optimized capabilities of the desired system.

Working to the defined capabilities, Kings’ technicians will design and build your system. With the budget in mind, in many cases Kings can create the system in modular steps over time, starting with the components that provide the capabilities you need now.

Safety and redundant reliability is the common denominator of every system Kings Avionics creates. During each step of the process, starting in the dedicated wiring shop, technicians conduct exhaustive performance tests and safety exams.

If your new avionics system requires a custom panel to provide the needed space and viewing angles of the components it will display, Kings’ dedicated metal shop will provide it, and all of the necessary silkscreened or engraved markings.

At Kings Avionics, the system is not complete and our technician’s job is not done until you know how to operate your new system. So if your current avionics installation does not meet your current and coming needs, let us design and build a system that will.